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"Now that I'm getting treatment I have more energy to live my best life."

What is Hemodialysis?​


Hemodialysis uses a machine that pumps your blood through a dialyzer or artificial kidney.  An artificial kidney is a membrane that cleans your blood of the waste products.  You will lie back in a chair during your treatment.  In order to get dialysis you need an access.  An access is a way to get to your blood and can be a fistula, graft or catheter.  Two tubings will be put into your arm, chest or leg, one tube will take the blood with waste from your body to the machine while the other tube will take the clean blood from the machine and return it to your body. 


Most people have treatments three times per week for about 4 hours.  You will be weighed before and after each treatment to find out how much extra fluid was taken from your body during the treatment.  Your weight after treatment is called the “dry” or “target weight”.  You should know your dry weight.


There are different kinds of hemodialysis.  In-center hemodialysis is done in a special clinic called a dialysis unit.  Treatments are done three times per week, either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at a specific time.  Dialysis can also be done at night at some dialysis units.


At Renalis, those undergoing in-patient treatment receive care from a network of trained professionals, including physicians, (the specialist is known as a nephrologist), nurses, dietitians, social workers and other healthcare professionals.


Our team practices a holistic, integrated process to help address all the health and daily care concerns that a dialysis patient may face, working individually and collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes for each person.

Special emphasis is placed on diet, exercise, the administration of medications, to enhance the quality of life for every patient.

*Always check with your doctor what treatment is best for you and your specific needs.

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