"Dialysis doesn't limit me...Renalis enables me to live life on my terms."

Renalis Dialysis Services

Renalis is located at four skilled nursing facilities in the Baltimore- Washington area offering comfortable, in-patient dialysis services to patients and residents. 

Our team practices a holistic, integrated process to help address all the health and daily care concerns that a dialysis patient may face, working individually and collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes for each person. Special emphasis is placed on diet, exercise, the administration of medications, to enhance the quality of life for every patient.  If a patients requires dialysis at a facility that does not offer in-house dialysis, we transport them to a nearby outpatient dialysis centers for treatment.

What is Dialysis and what will my treatment be like?

If your kidneys are not working well and you have end-stage renal disease, hemodialysis is one treatment option.  Dialysis is a process of removing the wastes and excess fluid from your blood that your kidneys can no longer remove.  Hemodialysis is one type of dialysis treatment.

Your Diet

A critical part of your wellness will be your ability to incorporate a healthy diet.  The good news is...we have nutritional tips and some helpful links to help you along the way.  

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